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This article lists all of Patch 3.3.0's undocumented changes. See the main article for the official list of documented changes.

Dungeons and Raids[]

  • New emblem has been added, [Emblem of Frost], and are rewarded for completing the weekly raid quest [1]


  • Blood Elves
    • [Arcane Torrent], tooltip updated, "Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 sec." [2]
  • Trolls
    • [Berserking], tooltip corrected to show increase in casting speed as well as attack speed.


  • Mana cost of lower ranked spells has been decreased for many abilities and classes. See below for specifics.[2]
  • Tooltips for all silencing abilities ([Arcane Torrent], [Silence], [Silencing Shot], and [Strangulate]) have been updated to also state, "Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 sec."[2]

Death Knights[]

  • Blood
    • [Strangulate], tooltip updated, "Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 sec."[2]
  • Unholy
    • [Desecration], duration increased to 20 seconds (old, 12 seconds)[2]
    • [Bone Shield], reduced to 3 bones (old, 4 bones) [3]


  • Mana cost has been reduced for lower ranks of all of the following abilities:[2] [Entangling Roots], [Gift of the Wild], [Healing Touch], [Hurricane], [Insect Swarm], [Mark of the Wild], [Moonfire], [Regrowth], [Rejuvenation], [Soothe Animal], [Starfire], [Tranquility], [Typhoon], and [Wrath].
  • Balance
    • [Genesis], now only applies to spell DoT effects, (Old - all DoT's). Possibly just a tooltip clarification.[2]
    • [Eclipse], now increases damage done by Wrath by 40% (up from 30%) and the critical chance of Starfire by 40% (up from 30%).[2]
  • Feral
    • [Swipe (Bear)], range increased to 8 yards (Old - 5 yards)[2]
    • [Infected Wounds], no longer stacks (Old - Stacks up to 2 times.)[2]


  • Mana cost has been reduced for lower ranks of all of the following abilities:[2] [Aimed Shot], [Arcane Shot], [Counterattack], [Explosive Shot], [Freezing Trap], [Hunter's Mark], [Mend Pet], [Mongoose Bite], [Multi-Shot], [Raptor Strike], [Scare Beast], [Serpent Sting], [Volley], and [Wyvern Sting]
  • Pets
    • [Culling the Herd] has not replaced [Avoidance (pet)] as a pre-requisite for other talents, instead, [Last Stand], [Rabid] and [Wolverine Bite], the three pet talents which had Avoidance as a prerequisite, no longer have any pre-requisite talents.
  • Marksmanship
    • [Silencing Shot], tooltip updated, "Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 sec."[2]
  • Survival
    • [Explosive Trap], DoT now receives bonus damage equal to 100% of RAP (old - DoT did not scale with RAP).[2]
    • [Point of No Escape], tooltip clarified[2]


  • Mana cost has been reduced for lower ranks of all of the following abilities:[2] [Amplify Magic], [Arcane Brilliance], [Arcane Explosion], [Arcane Intellect], [Arcane Missiles], [Blizzard], [Blast Wave], [Cone of Cold], [Conjure Food], [Conjure Mana Gem], [Conjure Water], [Dampen Magic], [Dragon's Breath], [Fireball], [Fire Ward], [Frost Ward], [Frostbolt], [Ice Armor], [Ice Barrier], [Mage Armor], [Mana Shield], [Pyroblast], and [Scorch]


  • Mana cost has been reduced for lower ranks of all of the following abilities:[2] [Avenger's Shield], [Blessing of Might], [Blessing of Wisdom], [Consecration], [Exorcism], [Flash of Light], [Greater Blessing of Might], [Greater Blessing of Wisdom], [Hammer of Wrath], [Holy Light], [Holy Shield], [Holy Shock], and [Holy Wrath]
  • Retribution
    • [Seal of Corruption], tooltip corrected, now matches [Seal of Vengeance] in damage.[4]


  • Mana cost has been reduced for lower ranks of all of the following abilities:[2] [Circle of Healing], [Desperate Prayer], [Devouring Plague], [Flash Heal], [Greater Heal], [Holy Fire], [Holy Nova], [Lightwell], [Mind Blast], [Mind Flay], [Prayer of Healing], [Renew], [Shadow Protection], [Shadow Word: Pain], [Smite], and [Vampiric Touch]
  • Holy
    • [Divine Hymn], clarified tooltip[2]
  • Shadow
    • [Silence], tooltip updated, "Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 sec."[2]


  • Mana cost has been reduced for lower ranks of all of the following abilities:[2] [Chain Heal], [Chain Lightning], [Earth Shock], [Earth Shield], [Flame Shock], [Flametongue Totem], [Flametongue Weapon], [Fire Resistance Totem], [Frost Resistance Totem], [Frost Shock], [Frostbrand Weapon], [Healing Stream Totem], [Healing Wave], [Lesser Healing Wave], [Lightning Bolt], [Magma Totem], [Mana Spring Totem], [Nature Resistance Totem], [Searing Totem], [Stoneclaw Totem], [Stoneskin Totem], [Strength of Earth Totem], and [Windfury Weapon]
  • Elemental
    • [Elemental Reach], now also effects [Fire Nova] (previously named [Fire Nova Totem])[2]
    • [Call of Flame], now applies to [Fire Nova][2]
  • Enhancement
    • [Earth's Grasp], now reduces the cooldown of [Stoneclaw] and [Earthbind Totems] by 30%[3]
  • Restoration
    • [Nature's Guardian], tooltip clarified[5]


  • Mana cost has been reduced for lower ranks of all of the following abilities:[2] [Banish], [Chaos Bolt], [Corruption], [Create Firestone], [Create Healthstone], [Create Spellstone], [Curse of Agony], [Curse of Doom], [Curse of the Elements], [Curse of Weakness], [Demon Armor], [Drain Life], [Drain Soul], [Enslave Demon], [Fel Armor], [Immolate], [Incinerate], [Rain of Fire], [Searing Pain], [Shadow Bolt], [Shadow Ward], [Shadowburn], [Shadowfury], [Soul Fire], and [Unstable Affliction]
  • Affliction
    • [Seed of Corruption], now the seed effect applies to the target as well[5]


  • Arms
    • [Hamstring], when glyphed with [Glyph of Hamstring] the tooltip is clarified[2]
  • Fury
    • [Cleave], when glyphed with [Glyph of Cleaving] the tooltip is clarified[2]


  • Combat Young Wolves have been replaced by Combat Diseased Young Wolves.
  • Combat Timber Wolves have been replaced by Combat Diseased Timber Wolves.
  • Mobs between level 1 and 5 that were hostile, are neutral now.[6]

Dungeons & Raids[]

  • When a party can be formed using Patch 3.3.0's new LFG utility the buff [Luck of the Draw] will be cast.

User Interface[]

  • The loading screens for major zones(Kalimdor, Outland, etc.) have been updated to support widescreen resolutions.
  • The Micro Menu has had a few minor changes:
    • The Talents button is now visible to characters below level 10.
    • The Talents, Achievements, and PvP, are now disabled until level 10 and LFG until level 15.
  • Names of critters can be switched on or off, independent from NPCs and mobs.
  • Equipment Manager
    • Any equipment included in an item set will now have all sets it is in included in its tooltip.
    • If the player wants to equip an incomplete item set, it displays, for which equipment slots the items are missing, instead of just the number of missing items.
  • The smaller version of the World Map can be moved, but it is initially locked. It can be unlocked by rightclicking on its title bar which gives a popup menu.
  • The backgrounds of some of the racial character select screens have had a haze added to better contrast between the background and the character in the foreground. This is notable on the Stormwind and Ironforge backgrounds for Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes.


  • Dungeons in the LFG frame now have a level range and a difficulty color.


  • When you complete a quest the Objective frame hints to the name of the NPC and his place to turn the quest in.
  • If the quest consists of multiple parts, and you have completed one such part, that part will no longer be displayed in the Objective frame.
  • The Objectives frame is smaller now. The number of mobs you must kill, or the number of items you must collect for a specific quest is now displayed at the beginning of the line, instead of the end. (at this phase of the PTR)
  • Tracked quests stay tracked on logging out.
  • At the bottom of the quest log when accepting a new quest, the experienced to be gained will be shown.

World environment[]

  • The wolves near Northshire Abbey have been hit by a disease.
  • Different mobs in Teldrassil and Dun Morogh with the same model have different distinguishable models now.
  • The front door to Icecrown Citadel is now open, leading to a raid instance portal.
  • Undercity has seen multiple changes: [7]
    • The Undercity Guardians have being replaced by orcish Kor'kron Overseers
    • There is a new NPC in the Apothecarium, Horde Overseer Kraggosh.
    • There are new NPCs in the Royal Quarter, Horde Bragor Bloodfist <Kor'kron Captain>, who replaces Varimathras, and Horde Aleric Hawkins <The Deathstalkers>.
    • There are new wandering NPCs, Horde Dark Ranger Anya and Horde Dark Ranger Clea
  • 2 new flight points have been added
    • HordeThe Bulwark, Tirisfal Glades
    • NeutralThondroril River, Western Plaguelands


  • A [2] Wolves Across the Border has some changes. It asks you to collect 8 [Diseased Wolf Pelt]s.
  • The weekly raid quests are for the following bosses: [1]
    • Naxxramas: Combat Anub'Rekhan (Arachnid Quarter), Combat Instructor Razuvious (Military Quarter), Combat Noth the Plaguebringer (Plague Quarter), or Combat Patchwerk (Construct Quarter)
    • Eye of Eternity: Combat Malygos
    • Obsidian Sanctum: Combat Sartharion
    • Ulduar, The Siege of Ulduar: Combat Flame Leviathan, Combat Ignis the Furnace Master, Combat Razorscale, or Combat XT-002 Deconstructor
    • Icecrown: Combat Lord Marrowgar


  • The following achievements have been added: [5]
    • Money achievement.png Looking for More, Use the Dungeon tool to finish random heroic dungeons until you have grouped with 10 random players total.
    • Money achievement.png Looking For Many, Use the Dungeon tool to finish random heroic dungeons until you have grouped with 50 random players total. Awards title: <the Patient>
    • Money achievement.png Looking For Multitudes, Use the Dungeon tool to finish random heroic dungeons until you have grouped with 100 random players total.
  • Money achievement.png Proof of Demise and Money achievement.png Timear Foresees are now Feats of Strength [5]
  • Money achievement.png Brewmaster no longer requires Money achievement.png Strange Brew (Alliance) or Money achievement.png Strange Brew (Horde), Money achievement.png Drunken Stupor, or Money achievement.png Disturbing the Peace
  • Money achievement.png Dungeon & Raid Emblem and all the successive achievements have been updated to include the new emblem, the [Emblem of Frost]



  • The following patterns have been added: [2]
    • [Boots of Kingly Upheaval]
    • [Hellfrozen Bonegrinders]
    • [Legplates of Painful Death]
    • [Pillars of Might]
    • [Protectors of Life]
    • [Puresteel Legplates]


  • The following patterns have been added: [2]
    • [Bladeborn Leggings]
    • [Blessed Cenarion Boots]
    • [Draconic Bonesplinter Legguards]
    • [Earthsoul Boots]
    • [Footpads of Impending Death]
    • [Legwraps of Unleashed Nature]
    • [Lightning-Infused Leggings]
    • [Rock-Steady Treads]


  • The following patterns have been added: [2]
    • [Deathfrost Boots]
    • [Leggings of Woven Death]
    • [Lightweave Leggings]
    • [Sandals of Consecration]


  • There will no longer be any chance to catch trash when fishing from pools.[8]


Bind on Account[]

All Bind on Account Items are now able to be shared cross faction.


  • Hippogryph mounts like the [Argent Hippogryph] now have a proper walk animation when on the ground.


  • [Pengu]'s eyes are now colored blue instead of glowing red [9]
  • [Perky Pug], added [2]


  • [Glyph of Dark Death], now also increases healing from your [Death Coil] by 15% (old - only increased damage) [1]
  • [Glyph of Unbreakable Armor], now increases armor by 30% (old - 20%) [1]
  • [Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem], now reduces the cooldown of [Fire Elemental Totem] by 5 minutes (old - 10 minutes)

Bug Fixes[]

  • Items
    • [Edge of Ruin] now correctly supports glow effects from enchants.


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