This template is used to insert descriptions on template pages.
Type <noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude> at the top of the template page.

General usage

On the Template page

</noinclude>Template code
<includeonly>Categories applied to pages using the template</includeonly>

The line break before <includeonly> is included here for formatting purposes, and should not appear in actual templates. Depending on the template, it may be beneficial to move the <includeonly> to immediately after </noinclude>, hiding the template from view.

On the Template/doc page

:This template is used to do something.
:Type <code>{{t|templatename}}</code> somewhere.
;Sample output
:<code><nowiki>{{templatename|foo}}</nowiki></code> gives...

<includeonly>Any categories for the template itself</includeonly>
<noinclude>[[Category:Template documentation|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>

Use any or all of the above description/syntax/sample output sections. You may also want to add "see also" or further usage information sections.

Note that the above example also uses the Template:T and Template:T/piece templates.