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Fichier:IconLarge Warrior.gif Guerrier
Warrior Crest
Jouable parDraeneïDraeneï Draeneï
Draeneï sancteforgeDraeneï sancteforge Draeneï sancteforige
Elfe de la nuitElfe de la nuit Elfe de la nuit
Elfe de sangElfe de sang Elfe de sang
Elfe du videElfe du vide Elfe du vide
GnomeGnome Gnome
GobelinGobelin Gobelin
HumainHumain Humain
Kul TirassienKul Tirassien Kul Tirassien
Mécagnome (jouable)Mécagnome (jouable) Mécagnome (jouable)
NainNain Nain
Nain SombreferNain Sombrefer Nain Sombrefer
OrcOrc Orc
Orc Mag'harOrc Mag'har Orc Mag'har
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
RéprouvéRéprouvé Réprouvé
SacrenuitSacrenuit Sacrenuit
TaurenTauren Tauren
Tauren de Haut-RocTauren de Haut-Roc Tauren de Haut-Roc
TrollTroll Troll
Troll ZandalariTroll Zandalari Troll Zandalari
Vulpérin (jouable) Vulpérin (jouable) Vulpérin (jouable)
WorgenWorgen Worgen
SpécialisationsArms Armes (DPS en mêlée)
Fury Furie (DPS en mêlée)
Protection Protection (tank)
Attribut principalForce ou Endurance
Compétences d'armesArcs, Arbalètes, Armes à feu, Dagues, Armes de pugilat, Bâtons, Armes d'hast, Epées à une main ou deux mains, Haches et Masses
Compétences d'armuresPlaque (peut aussi équiper de la Maille, du Cuir ou du Tissu
Coup Mortel
Ignorance de la douleur
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Warriors are melee fighters highly trained in the arts of weaponry. They are strong and quick on the battlefield. Clad in plate armor and wielding mighty weapons, they can deal large amounts of damage and are capable of withstanding large amounts of damage to protect other party members. Warrior abilities are fuelled by rage. Rage is generated through damage being dealt to and by the warrior and is capped at 100. Warriors have many abilities capable of aiding rage generation. Druids in Bear Form are much akin to warriors.

Warriors can wear any type of armor, preferring plate. They are able to use shields and can wield any weapon except wands. The primary warrior attributes are strength and stamina.

Warriors are usually to be found leading the Charge into battle, tearing across the battlefield and using furious shouts and terrifying banners to rally their allies and intimidate their enemies. Whether striking down opponents with mighty two-handed weapons, tearing into packs of enemies in a whirlwind of steel, or standing firm in the face of death itself, warriors excel at battle with a range of powerful attacks and battlefield manoeuvres, masters of both skillful strikes and devastating blows.

Vue d'ensemble[ | ]

Depuis que la guerre fait rage, des héros de toutes races ont cherché à maîtriser l’art du combat. Les guerriers combinent force, autorité et maîtrise des armes et des armures pour causer des ravages dans des combats épiques. Certains montent au front avec leur bouclier en protection pour bloquer les ennemis, permettant à leurs alliés en soutien à l’arrière de faire usage de leurs sorts et de leurs arcs. D’autres renoncent au bouclier pour lâcher les coups enragés de leurs diverses armes meurtrières sur leurs adversaires les plus proches.[1]

Guide du jeu[ | ]

For as long as war has raged, heroes from every race have aimed to master the art of battle. Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreak havoc in glorious combat. Some protect from the front lines with shields, locking down enemies while allies support the warrior from behind with spell and bow. Others forgo the shield and unleash their rage at the closest threat with a variety of deadly weapons. The warrior’s battle cries embolden friends and leave foes cowering in fear. With legendary precision, warriors target the smallest gaps in armor and slice at hamstrings in a blur of steel.

Every dragon slain, corrupted tyrant toppled, and demon banished from Azeroth has trembled in the face of these lords of war.[2]

Description de l'écran de création[ | ]

Warriors train constantly and strive for perfection in armed combat. Though they come from all walks of life, they are united in their singular commitment to engage in glorious battle. Many warriors serve as mercenary soldiers, while others become adventurers and danger-seeking fortune hunters. A typical warrior is strong, tough, and exceptionally violent.[3]

Warriors are plate-wearing fighters who strive for perfection in armed combat. As warriors fight they generate rage, which is used to power speciall attacks.

Guide de Classic[ | ]

Combining a mastery of weapons and prowess in battle, Warriors storm fearlessly into the front lines of any fight.[4]

Origine[ | ]

WoW Icon 16x16 Le contenu de cette section est exclusif à World of Warcraft.

The vrykul Heimir of the Black Fist is responsible for the training of the first mortal warriors of Azeroth.[5]

Guerriers notables[ | ]

Voir également: List of warriors

Alliance Alliance[ | ]


A statue of Anduin Lothar depicting his final charge towards Blackrock Spire.

  • Alliance IconSmall Lothar Sir Anduin Lothar (deceased)
  • Alliance IconSmall Varian King Varian Wrynn (deceased)
  • Alliance IconSmall Magni King Magni Bronzebeard (active)
  • Alliance IconSmall Danath Danath Trollbane (alive)
  • Alliance IconSmall Proudmoore Daelin Proudmoore (deceased)
  • Alliance IconSmall Muradin Muradin Bronzebeard (alive)
  • Alliance IconSmall Kurdran Kurdran Wildhammer (alive)
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Male Marshal Reginald Windsor (deceased)
  • Alliance IconSmall Thargas Thargas Anvilmar (alive)
  • Alliance IconSmall Llane Llane Wrynn I (deceased)
  • Alliance IconSmall Mekkatorque Gelbin Mekkatorque (alive)
  • Alliance IconSmall Thoras Thoras Trollbane (undead)
  • Alliance IconSmall Genn Genn Greymane (alive)
  • Alliance IconSmall Darius Lord Darius Crowley (alive)
  • Alliance IconSmall Jarod Jarod Shadowsong (alive)

Horde Horde[ | ]


Grommash Hellscream the legendary chieftain of the Warsong clan at the moment before he charged Mannoroth the Destructor which ended in both their deaths.

  • Horde IconSmall Cairne Cairne Bloodhoof (deceased)
  • Horde IconSmall Baine Baine Bloodhoof (alive)
  • Horde IconSmall Broxigar Broxigar the Red (deceased)
  • Horde IconSmall Varok Varok Saurfang (alive)
  • Horde IconSmall Orgrim Orgrim Doomhammer (MU: deceased / AU: deceased)
  • Horde IconSmall Durotan Durotan (MU: deceased / AU: deceased)
  • Horde IconSmall Grom Grom Hellscream (MU: deceased / AU: deceased)
  • Boss IconSmall Garrosh Garrosh Hellscream (deceased)
  • Horde IconSmall Dranosh Dranosh Saurfang (deceased)
  • Horde IconSmall Nazgrel Nazgrel (alive)
  • Neutral IconSmall Nazgrim General Nazgrim (undead)
  • Horde IconSmall Kilrogg Kilrogg Deadeye (MU: deceased / AU: deceased)
  • Horde IconSmall Blackhand Blackhand (MU: deceased / AU: deceased)
  • Boss IconSmall Rend Rend Blackhand (deceased)
  • Boss IconSmall OrcGray Male Malkorok (deceased)
  • Boss IconSmall KargathFel Kargath Bladefist (MU: deceased / AU: deceased)
  • Horde IconSmall Eitrigg Eitrigg (alive)
  • Horde IconSmall Geya'rah Overlord Geya'rah (alive)
  • Horde IconSmall Tauren Male Sark Ragetotem (alive)

Other[ | ]

  • Neutral IconSmall Kur'talos Kur'talos Ravencrest (deceased)
  • Neutral IconSmall Galen Galen Trollbane (deceased)

Races[ | ]

Sark Ragetotem

Sark Ragetotem, a tauren warrior.

Parvink TCG

Parvink, a gnome warrior.

Article détaillé: Warrior races

The warrior class can be played by all available races. Modèle:Warrior attributes

Avantages raciaux[ | ]

Each race comes with unique special abilities or powers, known as racial traits, or simply racials. While each race has its advantages, certain racials are of particular benefit to certain classes. Players may wish to take these advantages into account when selecting which race/class combination to play. Some of the most useful racials for warriors are:

  • Humans: Every Man for Himself, allowing the player to free himself from all effects that impair movement or cause loss of control every 2 minutes. This is a very useful ability for PvP, especially for melee classes such as warriors who rely on staying close to their targets in order to deal damage. This ability's 2 minute cooldown offers a significant advantage over the 5 minute cooldown offered by PvP trinkets up until level 80, as well as freeing the trinket slot usually reserved for them.
  • Dwarves: Stoneform is a very useful 2-minute cooldown ability that removes all poison, disease and bleed effects, and reduces all damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. Dwarves also gain Frost Resistance which is always useful.
  • Gnomes: Escape Artist can be very useful, primarily in PvP situations, but also in PvE. Warriors being the prototypical tank often have to lead mobs and bosses away from the healers and ranged fighters, thus making Escape Artist very useful. Gnomes also benefit from increased Arcane Resistance (gnome racial) which is always useful. Because of their small size, gnome warriors are useful in PvP environments, posing a difficulty to target. Inexperienced or careless opponents can be quickly hit by Hamstring, Thunder Clap, and Sunder Armor before they have any idea as to what happened.
  • Night elves: Quickness increases the chance for night elves to dodge melee or ranged attacks by 2%, improving tanking and overall survivability. Nature Resistance (racial) is also increased. Shadowmeld adds an interesting element to night elves, who can stealth to avoid mob detection (more useful for solo play). In addition, in PvP settings, Shadowmeld can be devastating. Stealth, Charge, Hamstring, Thunder Clap, etc., and Ta-da! You just became a rogue in heavy armor! An additional bonus to Shadowmeld is the ability to temporarily drop threat in combat, and possibly even save your life (if you're the last person standing).
  • Draenei: Gift of the Naaru allows players to heal a target for 20% of their health over 15 seconds, every 3 minutes. This can act as a useful panic button and is one of the few healing abilities available to warriors, potentially adding 20% to their available health in most encounters, as well as reducing downtime for warriors who are soloing, and helping to conserve a group's mana. Increased Shadow Resistance (racial) is always welcomed. Heroic Presence increases chance to hit by 1%. For a DPS warrior, Heroic Presence will also reduce the amount of gear you need to dedicate to reaching hit caps.
  • Worgen: Darkflight allows a warrior to increase his movement speed by 40% for 10 seconds every 2 minutes, which can be useful for staying close to your target and counteracting snares, or for escaping combat. Viciousness grants an extra 1% critical strike chance. Aberration increases both nature and shadow resistance, which is a nice bonus.
  • Pandaren: Epicurean increases the benefits gained from food, useful for PvE, while Quaking Palm is an incapacitate effect which can useful for crowd control, or for buying time to bandage or escape. Bouncy may come in handy situationally. The other Pandaren racials are useful, but not directly to playing a warrior: Inner Peace expedites levelling, while Gourmand is a small boon for cooks.
  • Orcs: Hardiness reduces stun duration by 15%, which can save a warrior in PvP settings, or save their group in PvE settings. Blood Fury temporarily increases the warrior's attack power, granting 1169 attack power at level 85.
  • Trolls: Berserking can increase attack speed by 20% for 10 seconds every 3 minutes, useful for all warriors, particularly DPS warriors, but can also provide a marginal TPS buff to tanking warriors. Regeneration (racial) can help keep you alive during PvP fights, or boss battles, and the increased healing can reduce down time for soloing players. Beast Slaying grants 5% increased damage against beasts, which can be useful as beasts are located almost everywhere in the world. Da Voodoo Shuffle reduces the duration of movement impairing effects by 15%, providing a significant boost to a warrior's mobility, something which is of particular use in PvP.
  • Undead: The increased Shadow Resistance (racial) is always useful, as is Cannibalize, which can reduce down time while soloing, and save your healer's mana. Touch of the Grave is very useful, passively dealing damage and healing the warrior in the process. Will of the Forsaken is one of the best racials in game, and can be the difference between life and death in both PvP and PvE settings.
  • Tauren: War Stomp is a useful form of crowd control. Endurance provides tauren with 5% extra base health, meaning tauren warriors can have the highest possible HP of any warrior tank. The additional Nature Resistance (racial) is always a plus.
  • Blood elves: Arcane Torrent generates 15 rage, and is a great tanking utility. As an Area of Effect silence, It can be used to interrupt and silence the enemy for a while; good for stopping a heal or devastating attack. Arcane Resistance (blood elf racial) means less arcane damage is taken.
  • Goblins: Rocket Jump is an ability used to escape combat in a dire situation or if used correctly can be used as a charge. Rocket Barrage is an ability that deals a little damage. Time is Money passively increases attack speed by 1%, increasing a warrior's DPS.

Rage[ | ]

Rage bar

Rage bar.

Article détaillé: Rage

A warrior's attacks and abilities are fuelled by rage. By controlling and focusing their rage, warriors can unleash an array of devastating attacks, harden themselves into unassailable defenders, or even draw strength and healing from their anger. Rage can be generated in a number of ways, depending on the warrior's stance; it can be generated by the warrior's auto-attacks, by taking damage, or simply by being in combat. Certain abilities can also be used to generate rage regardless of the warrior's stance.

By default the rage bar is empty, and when out of combat, rage drains or depletes at a constant rate. Warriors have a maximum of 100 rage, but by choosing Glyph of Unending Rage can raise this cap to 120.

Warriors need to be in combat or use a rage-generating ability to generate rage. The longer the battle, the more rage a warrior can accumulate. This often leads the warrior to the strategy of "filling up" their rage bar on a weaker foe before moving on to a more powerful enemy. A warrior with a full rage bar can quickly unload a large amount of damage.

Capacités[ | ]

Charge TCG

Undead warrior charges to an enemy.


A tauren warrior cleaving his foes.

Pummel TCG

Pummel an instant single target warrior interrupt ability.

For a full list of warrior abilities, see Warrior abilities

Dégâts[ | ]

Warriors deal damage almost exclusively through melee attacks. Each spec has one or two primary attacks that generate rage, while most other attacks consume it. Warriors have a few ranged attacks (Heroic Throw, Storm Bolt) but are largely unable to deal damage or apply crowd control unless within melee range. The majority of a warrior's attacks are intended for single targets, but they also have some options for dealing AoE and multiple-target damage.

Contrôle de foule[ | ]

Warriors make use of snares and root effects such as Hamstring to keep their targets within range, and can use Intimidating Shout to fear and disrupt enemy attacks. Warriors can Pummel casters into silence, and have a limited choice of stun, root and interrupt effects available via talents. The warrior's main mobility skill Charge also stuns enemies.

When targeted by others' crowd control effects, a warrior can transform themselves into an unstoppable Bladestorm (if talented), tearing their way out of roots and snares, while Berserker Rage can be used to prevent or counteract many forms of crowd control. Warriors can also Taunt enemies away from weaker targets, or mock whole armies with Mocking Banner.

Buffs et débuffs[ | ]

Warriors are known for their shouts, whether intimidating and disrupting their enemies, or inspiring and uplifting their allies. Battle Shout and Commanding Shout are the warrior's main group buffs, while Rallying Cry can be life-saving if used at the right time. Warriors can also inspire their allies with their Skull Banner, or demoralize their enemies with Demoralizing Banner, similar in effect to their Demoralizing Shout. Warrior attacks can also apply Deep Wounds to targets, rend their armor with Colossus Smash and Sunder Armor, weaken their enemies with Thunder Clap or simply Disarm them.

Warriors also have a number of self-buffs that can be used to increase damage dealt or greatly reduce incoming damage. Enrage (warrior ability), Berserker Rage and Recklessness significantly increase damage dealt, while various other effects improve specific abilities. The warrior's Defensive Stance is also a form of self-buff.

Mobilité[ | ]

Warriors are known as a highly mobile class, charging and leaping about the battlefield, and fiercely intervening between their allies and those that would attack them. To be effective in the heat of PvP combat, warriors may need to use every one of their abilities to stay within range of their targets, as they rely on being in melee range to make use of their abilities.

The warrior's main mobility skill Charge stuns opponents and generates rage, and can be improved by talents to be available very frequently. Intervene (or Safeguard, if talented) allows the warrior to leap to the defence of an ally, or simply use their teammates (or Banners) to launch themselves back into the fray. Heroic Leap allows the warrior to leap down upon their enemies or if necessary to flee quickly out of range of attacks, and additionally deals some AoE damage.

Défense et auto-soin[ | ]

Warriors have a number of debilitating debuffs and crowd control abilities that can be used to weaken or interrupt their enemies' attacks, as well as some defensive cooldowns. Protection warriors are masters of defence, with a range of options for mitigating incoming damage (Shield Barrier, Shield Block), be it physical or magical, primarily through the use of their shield. While focusing primarily on dealing damage, Arms and Fury warriors are also capable of defending themselves, with abilities such as Die by the Sword. Although the mark of a Protection warrior, all warriors can equip a shield to take advantage of abilities like Shield Wall and Spell Reflection. Talented warriors can achieve Mass Spell Reflection without the need for a shield.

Although not the most gifted of healers, warriors can regenerate substantial amounts of health through Victory Rush as well as one of the tier 2 talents: Enraged Regeneration, Second Wind or Impending Victory.

Spécialisations[ | ]

Pour a full list of specialization abilities, voir Warrior abilities#Specializations.
"Fury" redirige ici. Pour other uses, voir Fury (disambiguation).

There are three Warrior specializations: Arms, Fury, and Protection.

  • Arms is a DPS spec that deals mighty blows with two-handed weapons
  • Fury is a DPS spec focusing on whittling opponents down with rapid dual-wielding strikes
  • Protection is a tanking spec, using shields and one-handed weapons to draw the attention of the party's enemies

Armes[ | ]

Warrior preview Arms
Ability Warrior SavageBlow

A battle-hardened master of two-handed weapons, using mobility and overpowering attacks to strike <his/her> opponents down.

Arms warriors are seasoned veterans, using might and ponderous weapons to deal colossal blows to their enemies. Preferring power over speed, Arms warriors specialize in powerful burst damage and control, and can become an unstoppable force, tearing opponents down in just a few mighty blows. Smashing opponents with powerful attacks, Arms warriors are capable of dealing immense amounts of damage in a small space of time.

Across culture and kingdom, men and women who demonstrate great physical aptitude are transformed into mighty warriors through tests of strength, endurance, and fighting capability. Their friendships are forged not in the classroom, tavern, or workshop, but in the dueling pits and on the arena floor. As a childhood of sparring defines a warrior’s destiny, so too does one’s choice of weapon determine their role on the battlefield. Arms warriors gravitate toward two-handed weapons instinctively. It’s more than a matter of preference—it speaks to the character of the wielder. Arms warriors are patient in a fight, waiting to capitalize on moments when an opponent is left exposed. Two-handed weapons allow them to deliver devastating, overpowering blows, fully exploiting their enemies’ weaknesses.[6]

Furie[ | ]

Warrior preview Fury
Ability warrior innerrage

A furious berserker wielding a weapon in each hand, unleashing a flurry of attacks to carve <his/her> opponents to pieces.

Fury warriors are dual-wielding berserkers, dealing a rapid succession of wild attacks with each weapon. While all warriors rely on rage to fuel their attacks, Fury warriors focus their anger in a different way, allowing the heat of battle to send them into a bloodthirsty rage, empowering them and unleashing their most powerful attacks. Fury warriors' mastery Mastery: Unshackled Fury further rewards these crazed berserkers.

On the battlefield and in the arena, the most feared combatants are often the furious berserkers who lust for battle and thirst for blood. Through a lifetime of training and sparring, these merciless warriors have become masters of carnage—often wielding a weapon in each hand to maximize the destruction. Even without the protection of a shield, the fury warrior leaves little opportunity for an opponent to strike without suffering grievous wounds in return—delivered in a whirlwind of blades that dooms anyone its wake. Brute force becomes a breathtaking display when fury warriors relentlessly dive into the fray.[6]

Protection[ | ]

Warrior preview Protection
Ability warrior defensivestance

A stalwart protector who uses a shield to safeguard <himself/herself> and <his/her> allies.

Protection warriors are stout, dauntless defenders. Using a sturdy shield both to soak up foes' attacks and to dish out damage of their own, Protection warriors can take an immense amount of damage, able to withstand the most powerful of blows. Taunting and demoralizing their enemies with a range of shouts and devastating attacks, Protection warriors are formidable tanks, leading their allies to victory against the mightiest of adversaries.

Like their counterparts, protection warriors are virtually bred for physical dominance, having been raised in the art of close-quarters combat—but their measured approach to battle is what distinguishes them from their comrades-in-arms. They demonstrate an uncanny knack for blade and shield, nullifying an opponent’s advances and creating opportunities for counterattacks. For the protection warrior, being the toughest soldier on the front means nothing if allies are left vulnerable to the enemy’s attack. Stalwart defenders are integral to the success of any military campaign—the protection warrior seeks to be an unbreakable wall.[6]

Statistiques[ | ]


Karta Foultongue, an orc warrior.

The primary warrior attributes are strength and stamina. Agility is also useful while levelling as critical strike rating on gear is rare until later levels. Warrior-oriented gear found towards end-game provides a wider range of attributes. Gear oriented specifically to damage dealing warriors may include critical strike rating, or haste, while gear oriented to warrior tanks usually includes dodge rating and parry rating.

Hit rating and expertise rating are also commonly found on gear and can be useful for warriors performing either role. It can be difficult to find rings or cloaks with the relevant attributes. As such warriors may improvise; for example, damage dealing warriors may seek "rogue" items that contain agility and attack power in place of elusive items containing strength.

Normal stats[ | ]

Stat Effect
Strength Increases the warrior's Attack Power, thereby increasing the warrior's damage. Strength also increases the warrior's chance to parry an attack.

1 Strength = 2 Attack Power

1 Strength = 0.25 Parry rating

Stamina Increases health points. This is critical for warriors due to their melee range restriction and inability to significantly heal themselves while dealing damage, as well as to absorb the large amounts of damage mobs will try and cause against a party while tanking.

1 stamina = 10 health

Mitigation and avoidance stats[ | ]

Stat Effect
Armor Armor augments a character's health to a higher number (if the armor is positive), which represents the amount of physical damage a player can withstand. For instance, a character with 5000 health and 50% armor would be able to absorb 10000 damage before dying.
Dodge The warrior moves out of the way of the enemy's attack, and takes no damage from it. It is extremely useful to have a trinket which increases dodge rating for a short time to help healers keep up with healing. (If you're not getting hit, you don't need heals.) A warrior can only dodge frontal attacks. Attacks from behind cannot be dodged.

DPS/Threat boosters[ | ]

Stat Effect
Critical strike Increases the chance for the warrior to critically strike his enemy, dealing double damage. At level 80, 45.91 Critical Strike Rating is required to gain 1% melee crit chance.
Haste Increases the autoattack speed of the warrior. More commonly used by fury warriors to improve their rage generation. This stat is largely panned by arms warriors as very little of their damage comes from their auto-attack. At level 80, a warrior requires 32.79 Haste Rating to gain a 1% increase in attack speed.

Dans le RPG[ | ]

The RPG Icon 16x36 Le contenu de cette section est exclusif au RPG Warcraft et ne constitue pas une référence.

As long as war is waged on Azeroth, there will be men and women who fight those wars. The warrior is no mere sword-swinger. Warriors are skilled combatants, combining strength of arm, knowledge of weaponry, and practiced maneuvers to slice or bludgeon their foes into little red bits. Warriors are the most versatile of the combat classes, and they supplement their fighting prowess with the ability to rally their allies and spur them to victory. Warriors charge into the heart of the battle, take several lives, and live to tell the tale. All races fight, and all races boast many warriors in their ranks. Warriors are common among dwarves, Forsaken, humans, and orcs, but are less so among the other races. Masters of swords, spears, and weapons of all kinds, warriors share a common way of life on Azeroth. Using their abilities to deal pain and cause bloodshed, warriors are deadly adversaries and welcome friends in violent times (which seem to be all the time in recent decades).[7]

Vidéos[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Grunts, footmen, mounted warriors and tauren warriors are some of the warrior units present in the armies of Azeroth.
  • In the Warcraft RPG, warrior and fighter were separate classes. Warrior was an NPC class, while fighter was a core class.[8] In the World of Warcraft RPG, the old warrior class was replaced with the soldier class, while fighter was replaced with a new warrior class for gameplay purposes.[9]
  • Warriors have the most widely available choices in permanent Legendary weapons, as most are designed (through use or through lore) as melee weapons, which is the warrior's forte. Ones that are never available to warriors are staff legendaries, which are meant for caster classes, like Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian and Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest. Ones like Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings and Fangs of the Father can theoretically be used by a warrior, though the fragments for Val'anyr can only be used by druids, shamans, priests, and paladins, and the Fangs are class-specific weapons, designed only for rogues.
  • Before the start of The Burning Crusade (which introduced blood elves, who couldn't be warriors initially) and from the start of Cataclysm to the start of Legion, warriors were the only class available to all playable races. Hunters become the second class available to all races in Legion with the addition of gnome hunters.
  • Warrior stances were a major warrior mechanic that was removed in patch 7.0.3.

Galerie[ | ]


Changements lors de patch[ | ]

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (20-07-2016) : Now begins with plate armor at level 1 instead of mail armor.
  • Modèle:Patch 5.2.0
  • MoP Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28) :
    • The design of Rage has changed to function more like a valuable resource. Rage generation is also determined by stance, with different stances causing the warrior to generate Rage through dealing damage, taking damage and/or being in combat. Primary attacks now also generate rage.
    • Stances now share a single action bar, rather than changing your action bar, and abilities are no longer restricted by stance.
    • Changing stances no longer causes the warrior to lose Rage, and stances now share a 3-second cooldown.
    • Ranged slot is being removed. Warriors will now throw their main hand item for their Throw ability.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12) : Rage is being normalized so that its generation is no longer based on damage done by auto-attacks. Each auto-attack will provide a set amount of Rage, with off-hand weapons granting 50% of the Rage main-hand weapons do.

Voir aussi[ | ]

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  • Catégorie:Guerriers pour plus de contenu sur les guerriers

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