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Clairières de Tirisfal
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CapitaleMob Ruines de Lordaeron
RacesRéprouvéRéprouvé Réprouvé
Elfe mort-vivantElfe mort-vivant Elfe mort-vivant
FléauFléauFléauFléau Fléau
HumainHumain Humain
OrcOrc Orc
MurlocMurloc Murloc
IconSmall UndeadGnoll.gifGnoll Gnoll
Gnome lépreuxGnome lépreux Gnome lépreux
Dirigeant(s)Mob IconSmall Human Male.gif Michael Bonenfant †
Structures principalesMob Monastère Écarlate
Mob Ruines de Brill
Mob Moulins d'Agamand
Structures secondairesHorde La Barricade
Horde Le Glas
Horde Domaine Calston
Horde Manoir du Foyer Froid
Neutral Antre de Garren (abandonné)
Neutral Fermes des Balnir
Mob Palissade écarlate
Mob Ferme des Solliden
AffiliationRéprouvé, Horde, Alliance, Croisade Écarlate, Rot Hide gnolls, Fléau, Rotbrain undead, Vile Fin tribe
EmplacementNord-Ouest de Lordaeron

Sur la côte Nord de Lordaeron se situe les Clairières de Tirisfal (ou Clairière de Tirisfal[1] ou tout simplement Tirisfal)[2] dont le nom vient du gardien titatinque Tyr,[3] vu que Tirisfal signifie la "Chute de Tyr" en language vrykul.[4] Les territoires des Réprouvés, servant de la Reine Banshee Sylvanas Coursevent, sont composés de collines boisées où l'on trouve encore les restes de la peste du Roi Liche. Le ciel surplombant Tirisfal est toujours brillant avec une teinte verte et les arbres et le reste de la flore s'accrochent à leurs derniers souffles de vie.

Ceux qui habitent Tirisfal sentent les deux énergies conflictuelles émanant de la Terre : les restes de l'essence spirituelle du gardien Tyr, et celles de son ennemi Zakajz. Certains préférent l'énergie de Tyr alors que d'autres sont attirés par l'énergie sombre du C'Thrax.[5] Même si la région est sombe et plein de mélancolie, les Clairières de Tirisfal possèdent leurs propre beauté unique, notamment au niveau de certaines zones de la Côte Nord, dans la ville de Brill et l'atmosphère profonde des ruines des Moulins d'Agamand.

Les Clairières de Tirisfal sont la patrie des Réprouvés mais aussi celle de leurs ennemis. La Croisade Écarlate possède en effet plusieurs avant-postes dans la région, et notamment le siège de sa foi religieuse, le Monastère Écarlate. Les sous-fifres du Fléau sont également présents, et leur présence obscurcit les ruines de fermes et moulins.

Suite à la Bataille de Lordaeron, les Clairières de Tirisfal devinrent une zone contestée entre l'Alliance et la Horde, et les Ruines de Lordaeron furent contaminées par la peste alors que la majorité de la zone est recouverte de soldats pesitférés soulevés par Sylvanas qui attaque tout le monde à vue.


Début de l'humanité[]

Hand of Tyr.

When Loken, the Titanic Watcher left in charge of Ulduar fell to corruption, Tyr and his allies stole the Discs of Norgannon to investigate the extent of Loken's betrayal. Discovering the theft, Loken sent horrific monsters after Tyr's group, but Tyr sacrificed his life to fight the creatures while his comrades escaped with the discs. The C'Thraxxi generals Zakazj and Kith'ix engaged in combat with Tyr, arcane and shadow magic ripping through the glade. The struggle lasted for six days. Ultimately, to protect his friends, Tyr unleashed all of his power, erupting in a crater. Tyr and Zakazj were dead while the wounded Kith'ix fled to the west. In honor of her fallen comrade, Ironaya named the glade surrounding the crater as "Tyr's Fall" which in the vrykul tongue translated to "Tirisfal". She and her followers buried Tyr and his foe where they lay, and they placed Tyr's massive silver hand atop his final resting place as a memorial to his valiant sacrifice. In the end, Tyr's hammer became lost with him somewhere beneath the land now named in his honor.[3] The peaceful vrykul that were accompanying the Keepers wanted to further honor Tyr and decided to settle near the battlefield and protect the Tomb of Tyr. Ironaya and Archaedas honored the vrykul's wish to settle in Tirisfal.[6] Among the vrykul that remained in Tirisfal was Yrgrim the Truthseeker but later left the place.[7]

Over time, the area became a place of legend for the vrykul people in northern Kalimdor. As a result of the Curse of Flesh, the Dragonflayer vrykul began giving birth to deformed children, giving rise to fear. King Ymiron intended to unite all vrykul clans and ordered the malformed infants killed. Some Dragonflayer vrykul couldn't do that and decided to find the legendary land of Tirisfal and give the children to the vrykul living there. In the ages that followed, the children and their offspring continued transforming into beings called humans.[8] As such, humanity first emerged in Tirisfal Glades. The vrykul had formed Tyr's Guard. Knowing they would not live forever, they allowed the humans to join the order.[9]

Tirisfal Glades were the landing place of the Highborne (later high elves) led by Dath'Remar Sunstrider after the night elves exiled them from Kalimdor. Forging inland, the high elves founded a settlement within the tranquil Tirisfal Glades, co-living with the tribes of primitive humans who told them legends about Tyr. Among known elves that were born in Tirisfal is Lorash Sunbeam.[10] After a few years, many of them began to go mad due to shadowy powers. It was theorized that something evil slept beneath that particular part of the world, but the rumors were never proven to be true. The Highborne argued whether they should expel the humans from the land or even conquer them. Dath'Remar did not agree with this because he sensed dark magic. To avoid violence, the Highborne packed up their encampment and moved northward towards another land rich with ley energies, Quel'Thalas.[11][12]

Over thousands of years, the Tirisfal vrykul died out, but humanity would flourish in the Eastern Kingdoms. Warlord Thoradin set to unite the human tribes, including that of Tirisfal Glades which was the only human tribe powerful enough to end King Thoradin's dream of unity. The humans of the Glades were led by the native warrior Lordain. While Thoradin won the Alteraci by show of strength, the Tirisfal humans would not submit to shows of force like the Alteraci. To win their loyalty, Thoradin needed to appeal to their religious beliefs. Thus Thoradin and his personal guards made a pilgrimage to the region's shrines and sacred groves. At each site, the king performed rituals as was the custom of Lordain and his kin. Thoradin even wore a pendant of the silver hand, an image held sacred by Tirisfal's humans. At the end of the pilgrimage, Thoradin met with Lordain. The king pledged that if the tribe joined him, he would adopt their mystic ways and spread them among the Arathi. To seal his promise, Thoradin ran his palm along Strom'kar's edge and mixed his blood with the earth of Tirisfal. And so it was, Lordain and his people bent the knee to King Thoradin,[13] with the Tirisfal leader becoming Thoradin's general.[14] With the human tribes united, the kingdom of Arathor arose.[15]

During the Troll Wars, Tirisfal Glades were considered a territory of the Amani Empire.[16] When the Troll Wars ended, Thoradin abdicated and spent some time in Tirisfal studying its ruins and becoming obsessed with the humanity's history as well as that of the vrykul. Using the elven enchantments of Strom'kar, he located Tyr's tomb.[13] Thoradin led a retinue of guards and sorcerers there and encountered Tyr's Guard. Thoradin's group forced themselves past them[9] and entered the depths of darkness to which Thoradin heroically succumbed.[13]

By the year -2,700, the area had the most coveted and fertile lands. The Arathi established a stronghold to protect their farmsteads from gnolls, kobolds, and other dangerous wildlife. Many former soldiers settled in this region, which they renamed Lordaeron in honor of the late general Lordain.[17]

Les gardiens de Tirisfal[]

Tirisfal Glades was a place of power for centuries, being the seat of the Council of Tirisfal, who secretly waged their war against the demons of the Burning Legion. Among the places the Council members used was the Venomweb Vale protected by magically conjured spiders.[18]

2,600 years BDP, fishermen reported a demon stalking the shore of Brightwater Lake. In fact, the dreadlord Kathra'natir corrupted the land around the lake, causing deaths, diseases, insects, and droughts of well waters. There were Eidre's people to rule and protect, and she asked her lover Alodi to come home with her. As a member of the Council, Alodi refused to go with her love, but instead, the half-elf and Meryl Winterstorm devised a plan with his colleagues to defeat the dreadlord. The council members were to give him his powers, and as a Guardian he rode a phoenix from the Venomweb Vale to the lake where Eidre's keep was located. Noticing the dreadlord on an island in the lake, Alodi defeated the demon and banished him back to the Twisting Nether through a rift. Eidre understood now Alodi's true calling. Looking from her keep's window, she witnessed the lake's restoration.[18]

La fracture d'Arathor[]

By the year -1,200, the kingdom of Arathor began to split apart. As Strom's power continued to wane due to the lack of nearby natural resources, the nobles of the capital decided to depart to the fertile valleys and pastures of the north. In Tirisfal they founded a city-state and named it after the surrounding region: Lordaeron. The nobles used their wealth to buy up large plots of land, some of which had been developed by early settlers. These areas included the Agamand Mills and the farmsteads owned by the Balnir and Solliden families.[19]

Over 800 years BDP, Magna Scavell taught several members of the Council, including the young Aegwynn, in the Glade.[1]

Deuxième guerre et conséquences[]

The Horde led by Orgrim Doomhammer crossed the Alterac Mountains into the Glades and besieged Lordaeron's Capital City. However, due to the betrayals within the Horde and the arrival of the Alliance of Lordaeron led by Turalyon from behind, the isolated Horde army was certain to lose, so Warchief Orgrim sounded for retreat to Khaz Modan, with the Alliance racing after them.[20][21]

By the time of the Third War, the Agamand family living at the Agamand Mills was the most prosperous family in Tirisfal Glades.[22] Archbishop of the Church of the Holy Light Alonsus Faol died prior to the Third War and was buried at Faol's Rest.

Troisième guerre et conséquences[]

Under the rule of King Terenas, Tirisfal became a land of peaceful farms and small towns, its people living happily for generations. Unfortunately, it was one of the first places to fall to Arthas Menethil' armies after he ransacked Lordaeron, and its people were killed and risen as undead slaves to the Lich King.

As Lordaeron fell, Arthas arrived to the ravaged Balnir Farmstead and raised his former horse, Invincible, as a skeletal steed.[23] The Scourge also raised Archbishop Faol from his grave.[24] The Agamand Mills were taken by the undead as well and so were most of the settlements in the area.

During the Scourging of Lordaeron, Thomas Thomson was sent by the superior Knights of the Silver Hand to spent time with his family at the Thomson farm, located southwest of the Agamand Mills in Tirisfal Glades. As he was returning home, he encountered pockets of Scourge as the Capital City has fallen. Days later, a courier arrived at the farm and delivered a message about the death of Lord Uther. Ultimately, the farm was abandoned as Thomas sent his wife and children with Kul Tiran ships while he joined the remaining members of the paladin order. Like the other farms, the Thomas farm was growing pumpkins.[25]

Just after the Third War ended, the Lich King began losing power thanks to the spell of Illidan Stormrage, and so was Arthas Menethil. After the Battle for Mount Hyjal, the death knight returned home and scoured the surrounding of the Capital City of any human citizens he could find. They were trying to leave the area and get to Dalaran, but Arthas, Kel'Thuzad, and Sylvanas Windrunner defended the passes and killed the fleeing refugees and their Silver Hand protectors.[26]

Upon the successful cleansing, Arthas was recalled to Northrend to aid the Lich King. However, the weakened death knight was betrayed and the Dreadlord Insurgents attempted to kill him. Arthas fled the ruins of Capital City,[27] and accompanied by Sylvanas' banshees, trekked through the Glades. Arriving to a field area near the Balnir Farmstead, the banshees attacked Arthas' last followers and Sylvanas shoot an arrow at the death knight, poisoning him. Kel'Thuzad and his skeletons found soon after, defeated the banshees and forced Sylvanas to retreat.[28] With that, the lich and the death knight continued to a landing site from which Arthas left Lordaeron.[29]

After a civil war in the Plaguelands, Sylvanas, her free-willed undead, and Garithos' Alliance resistance besieged and took Capital City, forming the Forsaken. The rebel undead managed to take control of Tirisfal and establish it as their home territory.[30]

The Forsaken move to Lordaeron.

During that time, remnants of the Knights of the Silver Hand spied on the Forsaken moving into the Ruins of Lordaeron. To continue observing them, Alexandros Mograine and his team took the deserted Monastery in northern Tirisfal. With the subsequent splintering of the Silver Hand, the fanatical Scarlet Crusade established themselves and took the Monastery as their sanctuary.[31] It was here that Balnazzar, posing as Saidan Dathrohan later transformed the maddened Thomas Thomson into an undead monstrosity that haunts not only Brill but all of Azeroth during the Hallow's End.[25] Over time, the Crusaders took several watch towers in Tirisfal posing threats to the Forsaken.

Another threat that remained in the land was the Scourge. They led a series of assaults against the Scarlet Monastery.

A Scarlet camp in Tirisfal.

At some point, a farm near Brill was stalked by Captain Renee Lauer and her force of Scarlet Crusaders, executing Jillian Grell and Rinn Firecaster in the process of cleansing the world of non-humans. Soon after, the relatives of the deceased, Barnabas Grell and Reynah Firecaster began searching the woods of Tirisfal, killing the Crusaders they found. Renee's group had a camp on the outskirts of the western Glades. Reynah and Barnabas soon found it and worked their spells and abilities against the enemies. Although they managed to capture the captain, other crusaders bested them and eventually killed, but not before Reynah could use her fire magic against them. As soon as they died, Sylvanas and Varimathras discovered the camp as well and led their force to kill the Crusaders.[32]

World of Warcraft[]

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Une des tours de zeppelins.

Les Clairières de Tirisfal la nuit.

Les Réprouvés ont rejoint la Horde et combattent les gnolls Poile-Putride et la Croisade Écarlate pour solidifier leur emprise sur la zone. Plusieurs parties des Clairières sont protégés par des Nécrogardes.

TBC Le contenu de cette section est exclusif à The Burning Crusade.

Avant le début de l'invasion de l'Outreterre, les portes de Lordaeron furent envahies par un groupe de démons de la Légion ardente dirigé par le Haut Seigneur Kruul.[33]

Bataille pour Fossoyeuse[]

WotLK Le contenu de cette section est exclusif à Wrath of the Lich King.

Pendant la guerre contre le Roi Liche, les membres de la Horde et de l'Alliance formèrent une alliance temporaire pour le siège d'Angrathar le Portail du Courroux. La trahison du Grand apothicaire Putrescin interrompit 7 années de guerres entre les deux factions et leurs armées convergèrent vers Fossoyeuse. Les forces du chef de guerre Thrall détruirent les portes des Ruines de Lordaeron pendant que l'armée du Roi Varian Wrynn prenait d'assaut l'entrée des Égouts de la ville. Les deux armées confrontèrent Putrescin, Varimathras et finalement s'affrontèrent lors de la Bataille pour Fossoyeuse.


Cataclysm Le contenu de cette section est exclusif à Cataclysm.

Following the defeat of the Lich King, Sylvanas and the Forsaken made a number of improvements to Tirisfal Glades. The town of Brill was upgraded from the original, dilapidated "human" housing, to the modern Forsaken structures. The Bulwark still has Argent Dawn members (only Horde races) but is now accompanied by Undercity forces as well.

Deathknell was left mostly the same, but the Val'kyr sworn to Sylvanas are actively raising new undead to bolster their population. However, not every raised undead is willing to join the Forsaken, such as the Rotbrain undead or Lilian Voss, a former Scarlet Crusade member brought back from death by one of the Val'kyr in Deathknell, who was eager to get her revenge against the Crusade after her father refused her. The Crusaders also reinforced the Scarlet Palisade.


Legion Le contenu de cette section est exclusif à Legion.

The Twilight's Hammer cult led by Twilight Deacon Farthing made a camp in the Whispering Forest near Tyr's Fall and breached the Tomb of Tyr. Newly recruited heroes of the Conclave, the Valarjar, and the reformed Silver Hand made their way into the tomb as well, defeated the maddened cultists, and claimed its artifacts as their own. The tomb ultimately collapsed.[34]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth Cette section concerne du contenu lié à l'extension Battle for Azeroth.

Pour reconquerir les Ruines de Lordaeron, l'Alliance attaque les Clairières de Tirisfal depuis la Côte Nord. En marchant vers le Sud, la ville de Brill sera complètement rasée et les tours de zeppelin seront renversées. La zone entre Brill et les Ruines de Lordaeron est recouverte de peste qui a été libéré par Sylvanas lors de la Bataille de Lordaeron.

Les réfugiés de la Horde venant de Tirisfal ont été envoyé de l'autre côté du Lac Lordaemere.[35]


Le Monastère Écarlate, un donjon instancié avec plusieurs ailes est localisé dans les Clairières de Tirisfal. Il n'y a pas d'autres donjons ou champs de bataille dans la zone.

L'extrémité Ouest des Clairières de Tirisfal contient une grande zone inaccessible. Il y a un chemin qui y conduit depuis un petit lac au nord-ouest près de la côte après la ferme des Solliden. Ce chemin est actuellement bloqué par de larges pierres.

Endroits où se reposer[]

  • Fossoyeuse - C'est une capitale raciale avec de nombreux services pour les voyageurs.
  • Brill - Cette petite ville offre aux récemment décédés un endroit pour se reposer et s'échapper des horreurs de Tirisfal. Pensez à visiter la Taverne de la ville.
  • La Barricade - Même si les ressources y sont limitées, l'Aube d'Argent et les forces Réprouvés offrent aux membres de la Horde un endroit pour réparer son armure.

Cartes et sous-régions[]

Carte des Clairières de Tirisfal dans Battle for Azeroth.

Carte des Clairières de Tirisfal dans Cataclysm.

  • Moulins d'Agamand
  • Ferme des Balnir
  • Lac Étincelant
    • Retraite de Gunther
  • Brill
    • Mairie de Brill
    • Taverne de la fin de Gallows
  • La Barricade
  • Domaine Calston
  • Manoir du Foyer froid
  • Avant-poste des Croisés
  • Relais du Guet de mort
  • Repos de Faol
  • Antre de Garren
  • La Grande Mer
  • Vallée des Cauchemars
  • La Côte Nord
  • Ruines de Lordaeron
    • Horde Fossoyeuse
  • Monastère Écarlate
    • Le Grand Vestibule
    • Terrasse du Repos
    • Jardins murmurants
  • Palissade Écarlate
    • Poste de garde de la Croisade
  • Tour de guet écarlate
  • Poste de guet écarlate
  • Ferme des Solliden
  • Étang immobile
  • Vallée de Tissevenin
    • Campement écarlate
  • Forêt des Murmures
    • Passage sous l'eau
    • Chute de Tyr
  • Côte des murmures

Le Glas
  • Le Glas
  • Les Tombeaux du Glas
  • Grottes des Tisse-nuit
  • Campement de Putresprit
  • Tombeau des Ombres

Localisations non visibles
  • Palais de Lordaeron
    • Chambre impériale
  • Le Réveil du Lion
  • Tombes de masse
  • Atterrissage des ZeppelinsInstancié : Arène Ruines de Lordaeron

Localisations du lore
  • Capitale
    • Salles impériales
    • Jardins du palais
  • Port de Lordaeron (spéculé)

WC3RoC logo 16x32.png Warcraft III
  • Port du Fléau (spéculé)
  • Village de Vandermar (spéculé)

Topographic map of Tirisfal Glades
Detailed area map (lists all creatures)


Nom du donjon Niveaux conseillés Taille du groupe Durée approximative
Instance portal Monastère Écarlate 29-45 5 joueurs Inconnu

Points de voyages[]

Tirisfal Glades.jpg
Horde Tours de zeppelins au Sud de Brill[]
  • Camp de base Grom'gol, Vallée de Strangleronce
  • Orgrimmar, Durotar
  • Accostage de la Vengeance, Fjord Hurlant WotLK
Horde Points de vol depuis Fossoyeuse[]
  • Brill, Clairières de Tirisfal
  • La Barricade, Clairières de Tirisfal
  • Haut Commandement Réprouvé, Forêt des Pins Argentés
  • Le Sépulcre, Forêt des Pins Argentés
  • Moulin de Tarren, Contreforts de Hautebrande
  • Trépas-d'Orgrim, Hautes-terres Arathi
  • Village des Vengebroches, Les Hinterlands
  • La Thondroril, Maleterres de l'Est
  • Chapelle de l'Espoir de la Lumière, Maleterres de l'Est
  • Nouvelle Kargath, Steppes ardentes
  • Icon Cataclysm 18x18.gif Sandy Beach, Vashj'ir
Horde Points de vol depuis Brill[]
  • Fossoyeuse, Clairières de Tirisfal
  • La Barricade, Clairières de Tirisfal
  • Haut Commandement Réprouvé, Forêt des Pins Argentés
Horde Points de vol depuis La Barricade[]
  • Fossoyeuse, Clairières de Tirisfal
  • Brill, Clairières de Tirisfal
  • Moulin de Tarren, Contreforts de Hautebrande
  • Strahnbrande, Contreforts de Hautebrande
  • Andorhal (Côté Horde), Maleterres de l'Ouest
  • La Thondroril, Maleterres de l'Est

Western Tirisfal Glades.

Ouest des Clairières de Tirisfal[]

À l'Ouest du Glas, se trouve une zone vide remplie de montagnes. Pendant longtemps c'était seulement une zone de terrain non incorporé. Dans World of Warcraft: Cataclysm il y a eu un ajout d'un petit lac et d'arbres, ainsi qu'un cercle de champignons blancs. La moitié Sud est appelée Forêt des Murmures.

Régions voisines[]

Nom de la zone Faction Niveaux Direction Accès
Forêt des Pins argentés Horde 10 - 60 Sud À pied.
Maleterres de l'Ouest Horde Alliance 35 - 60 Est À pied.
Bois des Chants éternels TBC Horde 1 - 20 Loin au Nord-Est Orbe de Translocation dans les Ruines de Lordaeron (Horde uniquement).

Personnages notables[]

Article détaillé: Liste de PNJs des Clairières de Tirisfal

Les Clairières de Tirisfal abritent de nombreux Réprouvés notables. Depuis le camp du Glas, l'Exécuteur Arren envoie les jeunes Réprouvés prometteur vers le monde. A Brill, l'Exécuteur Zygand dirige les efforts pour reconquerir Tirisfal des mains de la Croisade écarlate, et à la Barricade, le Grand Exécuteur Derrington cherche à éradiquer le Fléau dans les Maleterres.


Article détaillé: Histoire des Clairières de Tirisfal
Voir aussi : Quêtes des Clairières de Tirisfal
Voir aussi : Guide pour monter de niveau dans les Clairières de Tirisfal


Festival Lunaire[]

Pendant le Festival Lunaire, deux anciens apparaissent dans les Clairières de Tirisfal.

  • IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif - Ancien Sombre-noyau, Fossoyeuse, en surface dans la salle du Trône
  • IconSmall EarthenSouth.gif - Ancien Né-au-tombeau, Brill, près de la Taverne


The Mass Graves.

  • Étoffe
    • Étoffe de lin
  • Herbes
  • Cuir
    • Lanières de cuir déchirées
    • Cuir léger
  • Minerai
    • Filon de cuivre
  • Poisson - Il faut un niveau de Pêche d'au moins 25 pour pécher des poissons sans pêcher des bibelots
    • Petit goujon brillant cru
    • Lutjan à longue mâchoire cru
    • Poisson maladif
    • Crâne du vieux Teamster
    • Vieux crâne
    • Sardine boursouflée
    • Lutjan de 15 livres

Mascottes de combat[]

MoP Le contenu de cette section est exclusif à Mists of Pandaria.

  • Poulet de la Marche de l'Ouest - quête COT-COT-CODEC !
  • Lapin du printemps - uniquement pendant le Jardin des Nobles
  • Rat
  • Chauve-souris
  • Perdu de Lordaeron

Créatures sauvages[]

Vallée de Tissevenin

  • Chauve-souris
  • Ours
  • Sombredogues
  • Fantômes
  • Goules
  • Requins
  • Squelettes
  • Araignées
  • Cerfs
  • Loups
  • Zombies

Monstres rares[]

Ressan le Harceleur

  • Bayne
  • Deeb
  • Fermier de Solliden
  • Ombre de Fellicent
  • Âme perdue
  • Muad
  • Ressan le Harceleur
  • Sri'skulk
  • Esprit Tourmenté

Hauts faits[]

  • Exploration des Clairières de Tirisfal
  • Monastère Écarlate (haut fait)
  • L'obtention du haut-fait Exploration des Clairières de Tirisfal à un bas niveau peut être difficile notamment à l'approche du Monastère Écarlate où il y a des PNJs de niveau plus élevé.
  • De nombreux livres de Lectures Studieuses peuvent être trouvés dans le Monastère Écarlate.

Warcraft III[]

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The area around the city of Lordaeron was home to kobolds, and numerous Scourge undead roamed the city before the Forsaken conquered it, including a unique kind of zombie; Lordaeron City Mutants. A small group of red dragons burned down blighted farms outside the city gates.[36]

A non-campaign map exists called Tirisfal Glades.

Dans le RPG[]

The RPG Icon 16x36.png Le contenu de cette section est exclusif au RPG Warcraft et ne constitue pas une référence.

The Forsaken partially control Silverpine Forest, but Tirisfal Glades is entirely within their grasp. They rule the area from beneath Lordaeron in their capital of Undercity. Though the Forsaken claim to be free from the Scourge and willing to work with other races to destroy the Lich King, they seemed unhappy if they see living people.[37]


Once a human land, Tirisfal's warriors served in the Second and Third Wars. The Scourge ravaged the region in the Third War and its people fled. After the war, Sylvanas Windrunner bent the Lich King's yoke enough to free herself and many others from his dominance. She termed these free undead the Forsaken and took the ruins of Lordaeron's capital city as her own. Tirisfal Glades is their unofficial kingdom.

The Forsaken attempt to carve out a home and battle against gnolls and worse. Some factions send in agents to sabotage and curtail the Forsaken's efforts, seeing them as no better than the Scourge.

While the Forsaken hunting and living in Tirisfal Glades consider darkhounds only a minor nuisance, occasionally a large enough pack poses a threat to alchemists exploring the woods for components.[38]

The orc shaman Hakin was sent to Tirisfal to meet a Forsaken ambassador. He wasn't happy to be here because the spirits of the land — they cried in Lordaeron, painfully.[39] When Brann Bronzebeard wandered through Tirisfal Glades, he met several undead members of the Cult of Forgotten Shadows. One of them was prophet.[40] The fact that the Forsaken hold the Tirisfal Glades irritates the human nations.[41]


The most obvious feature of Tirisfal Glades is the sky — altered by magic, it is a swirling blue pane that bathes the land in a cerulean glow, adding to the land's already surreal aspect. Mists constantly waft through the trees, and with the constant, twisted sky above you would not tell the difference between night and day. The undead plague has worked its evil on the trees, though not to the same extent as in the Plaguelands. Instead of becoming giant toadstools, the trees' bark has withered to a sickly violet and they bleed infected green-yellow sap. Danger lurks everywhere and death floats beneath the mist.

To Tirisfal's south is Silverpine Forest; to its east are the Western Plaguelands. The land borders Lordamere Lake to the southeast, while to the north and west are Lordaeron's oceans.[37]

Like Silverpine Forest, Tirisfal Glades is an immense woodland with forbidding trees, threatening shadows and lurking mists. The animals in the woods are not as vicious as those in Silverpine, however. This haunting land, under the Forsaken's rule, may, in fact, be safer than Silverpine Forest.

The Forsaken control Tirisfal Glades and have several settlements throughout the area. This region is a place of mystery and adventure.[42]

Magic has twisted the land; the trees are grown a sickly purple and ooze orange sap, and the sky is a constant swirling blue, shedding a surreal light on the wafting mists and lurking creatures.[43]

Notes et faits[]

  • Avant sa chute, les citoyens de Tirisfal aimait pique-niquer sur les collines de Tirisfal pendant les derniers jours de l'automne.[44]
  • Quand Aegwynn était petite, sa mère l'amenait dans les bois des Clairières de Tirisfal pour camper. La forêt juste au Nord de Lordaeron a toujours été belle et calme. Aegwynn était impressionnée par les animaux se promenant librement, les incroyables couleurs de la végétation et les étoiles qu'elle pouvait voir dans le ciel de la nuit loin de toutes les lanternes et torches de la ville.[45]
  • Le vol depuis Lordaeron indique qu'il y a une rivière en Tirisfal. Cependant il n'y en a pas dans WoW.
  • La frontière entre Tirisfal et les Maleterres de l'Ouest était autrefois la plus grande différence de niveau en jeu entre deux zone avec des créatures et quêtes jusqu'au niveau 10 en Tirisfal et niveau 50 dans les Maleterres. Cela a été diminué lors de Cataclysm et d'autres zones ont des écarts similaires actuellement (comme Mulgore et les Tarides du Sud).
  • Une ancienne peste a tuée des milliers de victimes innocentes. Il a plus tard été découvert que l'agent mortel de cette peste avait été conservé dans le venin des araignées Tisse-nuit de Tirisfal.[46]
  • La ferme de la famille de Thassarian semble être à l'extérieur de la Lordaeron.[47]
  • Au Nord du Monastère Écarlate se trouve une zone de forêts. Cette zone a été utilisée pour une réunion entre Varimathras, Balnazzar et Castillian.[48]
    • En jeu, il y a des montagnes au Nord du Monastère qui sont inaccessible car elles correspondent au commencement de Lordaeron du Nord et de son mur invisible.
  • Dans Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Sylvanas rencontre Balnazzar, Varimathras et Detheroc dans des ruines des Clairières de Tirisfal.[49] Arthas: Rise of the Lich King a localisé cet endroit dans la Forêt des Pins Argentés.[50]
  • Pendant longtemps les joueurs pensaient qu'un Dieux très anciens résidait sous les Clairières de Tirisfal à cause du chapitre La Fondation de Quel'Thalas de l'Histoire de Warcraft, jusqu'à ce que les développeurs le réfutèrent. Cependant, il a été confirmé qu'il y avait quelque chose sous la région. La nature de cette créature fut révélée dans Chronicles Volume 1, qui établit que ce serait le C'Thrax Kith'ix qui a été tué par le gardien titanique Tyr il y a longtemps et enterré par les vrykuls.
  • Malgré le changement du centre de Tirisfal par la bataille de Lordaeron, les zones Ouest et Est de la région sont restées inchangées.


Bataille pour Lordaeron[]



Changement lors de patchs[]

  • Battle for AzerothPatch 8.0.1 (2018-07-17) : Mise à jour de la zone pour la Bataille pour Lordaeron, avec une partie de la zone qui est détruite. Zidormi peut ramener un joueur vers la zone d'autrefois.
  • Legion Patch 7.3.5 (2018-01-16) : Mise en place de l'échelonnage de niveaux, auparavant zone de niveaux 1 à 10.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23) : Mise à jour de la zone.
  • Modèle:Patch 1.6.0
  • PTR client.png Patch 0.6 (2004-04-13) : Ajout du Monastère Écarlate.


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