Una Guerra Justa
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Robert Brooks




Digital: August 6, 2018
Hardcover: August 14, 2018



Este artículo o sección aborda contenido proveniente de novelas o historias cortas de Warcraft.

Una Guerra Justa es una novela corta escrita por Robert Brooks que cuenta el inicio de las hostilidades entre la Alianza y la Horda en la Guerra de las Espinas. Se centra en el punto de vista de la Horda mientras que Elegía se centra en el punto de vista de la Alianza.

La novela se lanzó en tapa dura con material gráfico adicional con la edición coleccionista de Battle for Azeroth aunque la versión en castellano sólo se lanzó en digital.


La tensión dramática entre la Horda y la Alianza se acentúa en las novelas de Battle for Azeroth: Elegía de Christie Golden, y Una guerra justa, de Robert Brooks. Las exploran los puntos de vista de la Horda y de la Alianza sobre un fatídico suceso, pero solo a vosotros os corresponde decidir qué facción lleva la razón.[1]


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  • The novella does not mention the Darkshore questline with the Blackwood furbolgs, the attack on the Shrine of the Ancients, or the Wildbend River battle.
  • In the novella, Nathanos Blightcaller accompanied Varok Saurfang in the Northern Barrens. In the game, Nathanos was not seen in the Barrens.
  • In the novella, Varok rode a cart in the Northern Barrens. In the game, Varok rode on a wolf.[2]
  • In the novella, the speech about going to Ashenvale instead of Silithus took place at Mor'shan Rampart. In the game, the speech was given at the Barrens junction north of the Crossroads.[3]
  • In the novella, the wisp wall was created when Varok and his soldiers were reaching Darkshore with Sylvanas still behind them. In the game, it was created when Sylvanas and her grunts engaged Malfurion between the Ashenvale-Darkshore border, while Varok was in Astranaar sending an adventurer to locate the Warchief.
    • In the novella, Malfurion wasn't locked in combat with Sylvanas and he was accompanied by many night elves when he made the wall. In the game, there were deceased night elves around him and Sylvanas.
  • In the novella, Saurfang near the wisp wall recalled there being "not thousands, but millions" of wisps during Archimonde's defeat at Hyjal. In the game, while observing the wisps in Astranaar, he said that there were "not hundreds but thousands" of them.[4]
  • In the novella, the Horde army set up on the open shore near the ruined Zoram'gar Outpost. In the game, they set up within habitable Zoram'gar Outpost itself.[5] The rest of the Zoram Strand isn't touched by the Horde.
  • The Felwood conversation between Sylvanas, Saurfang and Nathanos is broken up in two pieces in the novella. In-game, all three discuss it at Zoram'gar Outpost. In the novella, Sylvanas, near the wisp wall, tells Saurfang to find a path through Felwood. Saurfang then discusses it with Nathanos.
    • In the novella, as Varok and Nathanos were leaving for Felwood, Varok was faster and Nathanos was left behind but rejoined him later. In the game, they were seen leaving together.[6]
  • In the novella, the night elf fleet returned from Silithus right after the formation of the wisp wall and attacked the Horde at Zoram Strand. In the game, the night elf fleet arrived to Rut'theran Village, long after the Horde's progression through Darkshore, after the Wildbend River stalemate point.[7]
  • In the novella, the Horde army led by Sylvanas entered Darkshore when Varok's army did so from the north. In the game, she was already in Darkshore.
    • In the novella, the final duel between Sylvanas and Malfurion happens right after the two Horde armies rejoin. However, the demolishers that were standing behind her fired their payloads from the shores at the night elf fleet which was stationed near Zoram Strand, meaning that in the novella the duel wouldn't have taken place near Lor'danel as it did in-game.
  • Lorash Sunbeam says to Malfurion Stormrage that the kaldorei did not help the high elves against the Amani trolls. However, Emmarel Shadewarden did fight alongside Talanas Windrunner against an Amani troll incursion.[8]
  • Malfurion told Lorash that the kaldorei never attacked Quel'Thalas, yet the Sentinel spies operated all over the Ghostlands and had small presence at an arcane sanctum in Eversong Woods.[9] Author Robert Brooks acknowledged this as a mistake on his part and that he simply forgot about the quests involving the Sentinel spies until a long time after the novella manuscripts had already been locked.[10]



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