The template creates a WC3 styled tooltip for items; you can supply any number of the named parameters to display specific text in the tooltip.

Required Minimal Syntax

Begin all item-page tooltips with the following three lines:


The template parameters displayed here are required to enable item pages interact with other consumers of tooltip data, and do not change from page to page.

Named parameters

icon to display; omit Image: and file extension (.png); passed to {{icon}}.
stack size for stackable items; passed to {{icon}}.
item name, as it appears in game.
name of Wowpedia page for this item, if different from item name (used mainly for disambiguated items).
unique items
artifact items
duration this item persists for (time-limited items).
maximum number of times this item can be used, numeric.
|history =
item's history text
item's description text
cooldown on the use effect of this item.
cast time of the use effect of this item.
price for which this item is sold, use numeric values