Using this template on an article page creates a formatted information box in the upper right-hand corner of that page. It is also called by {{item}} and {{loot}} to display that information box as a tooltip. You can supply any number of the optional parameters to display specific text in the tooltip.

Tooltips for other purposes can be created using the templates {{abilitytip}}, {{effecttip}}, {{settip}}, {{achievementbox}}, and {{proftip}}. The development version of this template can be found at {{Tooltip/Dev}}

Required Minimum Syntax

The following parameters are required for every tooltip template, and the entire block should always be the first thing on an article page. However, without any further parameters, only an empty box will display:


{{Item}} and {{Loot}}

For {{item}} and {{loot}} to work, the following minimum parameters are required:



To automatically show a tooltip of disenchanting results when mousing over the Item Level number on the article page, the following are required:


Named parameters

This is the full list of named parameters listed in order that they appear in the displayed/in-game tooltip. Parameters that apply color to text in the finished tooltip have the same color here.

icon to display. omit Image:/File: and extension (.png). Uses {{icon}}.
Example: |icon=INV Ingot Titansteel red
stack size for stackable items. Uses {{icon}}.
item name as it appears in-game.
name of Wowpedia page for this item, if different from |name=.
Example: |disambigpage=Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (Mage)
item quality, passed to {{quality}} to generate formatted item name.
if the item is Heroic.
Example: |heroic=1
the zone that the item is bound to.
Example: |instancebind=Tempest Keep
conjured item.
Example: |conjured=1
soul binding type. Options are 'BoE', 'BoU', 'BoP' or 'BtA'.
quest item.
Example: |qitem=1
unique items. Pass a number greater than 1 if required.
Example: |unique=1
unique-equipped items. Same rules as |unique=.
Example: |unique-eq=3
Type of uniquely equipped item, such as Jeweler's Gems
glyph type: Major or Minor.
duration this item persists for (time-limited items).
Example: |duration=2 Hours
starts a quest. Provide Wowpedia's quest name, minus "Quest:".
Example: |qbegin=Ancient History
equipment slot. ("Ranged", "Two-Hand", "Hands"...). See full list
armor/weapon type ("Axe", "Wand", "Cloth"...). See list
weapon speed. Provide two decimal figures.
Example: |speed=4.56
basic weapon damage. Provide a range.
Example: |dmg=4 - 17
basic weapon damage school. Omit if physical.
Example: |dmgtype=Nature
weapon dps. Provide one decimal. (FAP will be displayed automatically)
Example: |dps=186.4
bonus weapon damage. Provide a range if present ("13 - 17").
bonus weapon damage school. Omit if physical.
armor provided by the item.
the bonus armor above and beyond normal for its item level
block value on a shield.
basic attributes. Split with <br /> tags, not line breaks.
Example: |attrib=+6 Stamina<br />+3 Intellect
profession specialization required to use the item.
Example: |req=Gnomish Engineering
item's sockets. Split with <br /> tags, not line breaks.
Example: |sockets={{socket|Blue}}<br />{{socket|Red}}
socket bonus for matching gem colors to socket colors.
Example: |sockbonus=+9 Spell Power
item's durability. Provide the maximum, not the fraction.
Example: |durability=75
lockpicking skill required to open or blank if item is just locked
Example: |locked=300
if a bag, number of slots.
Example: |bag=16
|bagtype= (avoid in favour of |type=)
Full name of the bag type (i.e. "Soul Bag", "Enchanting Bag", ...).
If this bag is a quiver, ammo pouch, or the bag type ends in " Bag", use |type= instead.
classes the item is usable by. Split with commas.
Example: |classes=Rogue, Mage, Priest
faction name required to use this item. See also |rfaction=.
Example: |rep=Honor Hold
faction reputation level required to use this item. See also |rep=.
Example: |rfaction=Exalted
character level required to use this item.
Example: |level=80
item level.
Example: |ilvl=258
profession skill required to use item.
Example: |skill=Leatherworking (250)
races the item is usable by. Split with commas.
Example: Races: Gnome, Dwarf
personal and team arena rating required to buy the item.
Example: |rating=2250
all of the green "Equip"/"Use" lines. Split with <br /> tags, not line breaks.
name of the item this item creates, or teaches the user to create.
Example: |create=Heavy Frostweave Bandage
item quality of the item in the |create= line.
Example: |createq=Common
name of the page the created item is on, if different than the item name.
materials to make the |create= item. Split with <br /> tags, not line breaks.
Example: |mats={{loot|common|Frostweave Cloth}} x2
the armor set this item belongs to.
number of items in the item's armor set.
set's Wowpedia page name, if different from the displayed set name.
maximum number of times this item can be used.
Example: |charges=10
item's flavor text, without quotes.
Example: |flavor=Blade of the Highlord
display "<Right Click to Read>".
Example: |read=1
display "<Right Click to Open>".
Example: |open=1
cooldown on the use effect of this item.
cast time of the use effect of this item.
buy this item from a vendor. Use {{cost}}/{{costitem}}
Example: |vendor={{cost|123|45|67}}
sell this item to a vendor and get gold. Use {{cost}}
Example: |sell={{cost|30|86|42}}

Display modes

Passing |mode= to the template (and, by extension to the item page syntax, any item page) affects how the template renders the tooltip. There are several valid mode values:

mode=home / mode=away
Displays the tooltip as if on its item page (home) or not on its item page (away). If mode is omitted, the appropriate one of those is chosen by default.
mode=link / mode=imlink
Return an item link (link) or an item link with an image (imlink) instead of the tooltip.
mode=arg (in combination with |arg=)
Returns the value of the arg parameter defined in the tooltip of that page, or "--" if it is not defined.

"type" and "slot" values

List of values that appear in tooltips.

Arrow, Axe, Bag, Bow, Bullet, Cloth, Crossbow, Dagger, Enchanting Bag, Engineering Bag, Fishing Pole, Fist Weapon, Gem Bag, Gun, Herb Bag, Idol, Leather, Leatherworking Bag, Libram, Mace, Mail, Mining Bag, Plate, Polearm, Shield, Sigil, Soul Bag, Staff, Sword, Thrown, Totem, Wand.
Back, Chest, Feet, Finger, Hands, Head, Held in off-hand, Legs, Main Hand, Neck, Off Hand, One-Hand, Projectile, Ranged, Relic, Shirt, Shoulder, Tabard, Thrown, Trinket, Two-Hand, Waist, Wrist. ru:Шаблон:ВП