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faction, title, and display_name are optional.
Additional Note
optional level= should have a number (add + for elite)
optional smallicon= should use icons from Wowpedia:List of race icons without leading Image:.

{{NPC|Alliance|Jaina Proudmoore|Ruler of Theramore|Lady Jaina Proudmoore}}
{{NPC||Andormu|Keepers of Time|level=70+}}
{{NPC|Horde|Wickerman Guardian|level=60+|icon=Abomination}}
Alliance Lady Jaina Proudmoore <Ruler of Theramore>
[70+] Andormu <Keepers of Time>
Horde [60+] IconSmall Abomination.gif Wickerman Guardian
You may want to use {{Mob}} for non-interactive (doesn't talk, just auto-emote, fight, or ignore) creatures.
See also Template:npclong (which doesn't really do much more, but may reduce some typing).ru:Шаблон:НИП