Produces an item link that also displays an extensive tooltip (when hovered over, the same as {{item}}), pulling information from that item's wiki page. The tooltip feature is sometimes disabled due to load issues on the website, however {{loot}} puts less load on the server than {{item}}. Also, while {{item}} has the option to display an item's icon, {{loot}} creates DB links to items without Wowpedia pages. Note that the tooltip function requires a valid {{tooltip}} on the item's Wowpedia page.
Parameter dividers are required up to the last required parameter.
<quality> (optional) changes the color of the link to match the corresponding Quality, or yellow for enchantments.
If this parameter is blank or invalid, the link will be colored as a standard hyperlink. Valid values are: poor, common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, heirloom, and enchant. Note that this will neither affect nor be affected by the item's quality/color in the tooltip.
<page_name> (required) is the Wowpedia page name for the item, whence it pulls the tooltip info.
If this parameter is not a valid page name, the link will still display as normal, but the tooltip will Error, and DB search links will be appended via Javascript to the link. Clicking such a link will open a creation page.
<display_name> (optional) changes the link text, though the tooltip is unaffected.
If just "s" is entered, the link will add an "s" to the page name.
{{loot|foo|Cayada de Noboru}}
{{loot|Poor|Cayada de Noboru}}
{{loot|Common|Pan con especias}}
{{loot|Rare|Hacha de piedra Zulian}}
{{loot|epic|Emblema de heroísmo|Emblemas de heroísmo}}
{{loot|legendary|Guja de guerra de Azzinoth}}
{{loot|enchant|Encantar arma: Destripadora de bestias menor}}
{{loot|heirloom|Segadora de arcanita ensangrentada}}
[Cayada de Noboru]
[Cayada de Noboru]
[Pan con especias]
[Hacha de piedra Zulian]
[Emblemas de heroísmo]
[Guja de guerra de Azzinoth]
[Encantar arma: Destripadora de bestias menor]
[Segadora de arcanita ensangrentada] ru:Шаблон:Добыча