The template produces an item link (with an optional icon) that when hovered over will display an extensive tooltip, pulling information from that item's wiki page. Note that the tooltip function requires a valid {{tooltip}} on the item's Wowpedia page. Like most other links, it will display in red if the <page_name> is incorrect.

Usage: {{item|<page_name>|<display_name>}} + |icon=.

  • <page_name> is required.
  • <display_name> is optional. If just "s" is entered, the link will add an "s" to the page name.
  • icon= is optional, and takes no parameter; it automatically displays the item's icon.


  • {{item|Knight-Captain's Silk Legguards|icon=}}: Knight-Captain's Silk Legguards
  • {{item|Runic Leather Headband|s}}: Runic Leather Headband
  • {{item|Elamentul Maje Staph}}: Elamentul Maje Staph ru:Шаблон:Предмет