Infobox template for orc clans, primarily used to define their leader(s) and clan colors during the Second War.

{{Infobox orc clan
|name = 
|banner = 
|leader = 
|leaders = 
|pastleader = 
|color = 
|domain = 
|status = 

Valid field entries:

  • Name: clan name.
  • Banner: image of the clan's banner. Black & white image is preferred.
  • Width [optional]: width of the image. Default to 260px.
  • Leader: current leader of the clan.
  • Leaders [optional]: other leaders of the clan.
  • Pastleader: past leader(s) of the clan.
  • Color: clan color as described from the Second War.
  • Domain: the domain of the clan.
  • Status [optional]: the current status of the clan.