Mortal Strike
  • Mortal Strike
  • Talento de warrior
  • Alcance de 5 yd m 
  • 30 Rage
  • 6 sec de reutilización
  • Instante
  • A vicious strike that deals weapon damage plus X and wounds the target, reducing the effectiveness of any healing by 50% for 10 sec.
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6 sec

Talent tree


Other information

Requires Melee Weapon


Glyph of Mortal Strike


Improved Mortal Strike

Related debuff
Ability warrior savageblow.png
  • Mortal Strike
  • Healing effects reduced by 50%
  • Duración: 10 seconds
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Valid Field Entries:

  • Name: Ability name.
  • Description: Ability description as it appears in-game (replacing rank-modifiable values with "X").
  • Class: If it is a class-specific ability, list any classes that can use this ability.
  • Race: If it is a race-specific ability, list any races that can use this ability.
  • Type: "Offensive", "Defensive" or "Utility".
  • School: "Physical", "Arcane", "Frost", "Fire", "Nature", "Shadow" or "Holy".
  • Cost: "x Mana/Rage/Energy" or x if used in conjunction with costunit.
  • Costunit: Mana/Rage/Energy if cost is used without units.
  • Reagents: Reagent(s) required to cast.
  • Range: "x yd". If range = 0, or if Target = "Self", then disinclude; or x if used in conjunction with rangeunit.
  • Rangeunit: yds/other units if range is used without units.
  • Radius: (optional) For the use of ranged AoE spells.
  • Cast Time: "x sec", "Instant" or "Next melee".
  • Cooldown: "x sec/min/hrs".
  • Talented: Is the ability awarded by a spending points in a talent?
  • Talent Tree: If Talented is "Yes", in what tree and tier can the talent be found (e.g. "Arms, Tier 7" for Mortal Strike).
  • Points Required: If Talented is "Yes", how many talent points are required to learn this ability (e.g., 30).
  • Talent Required: If Talented is "Yes", what is the talent required to activate it (if applicable).
  • Improvement Talents: If the ability can be improved by any talents, list all the talents separated by comma.
  • Glyphs: List any glyphs that can modify or change the ability in some way (if applicable).
  • Requirements: List any requirements that the player or the target has to meet in order to be able to use the ability (e.g.: "Requires melee weapon", "Requires Battle Stance", "Enemy must be below 20% HP", etc.).
  • Buff Name: Name of a buff or debuff that is applied with this ability. Leave this blank if it's the same as the ability.
  • Buff Type: magic, curse, poison, disease, or leave blank for typeless
  • Buff Image: Icon image for the buff. Leave this blank if it's the same as the ability.
  • Buff Desc: (optional) In-game text on the tooltip (leaving this blank disables this section)
  • Buff Dur: Duration, including units. e.g. "10 seconds"
  • Debuff: (optional) If the ability causes a buff, do not include this. if the ability causes a debuff, usage is |debuff= and nothing more.
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