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Creates an external link with icon, providing a consistent standard for the External Links section.

{{Elink|< prefix= >|< link=link_url >|< site=link_name >|< desc= >|< title=tooltip >|< icon=icon_name >|< type=(see below) >}}

This: {{Elink|link=|site=Example Site|desc=This is an example external link}}
This: {{Elink|prefix=Take from|link=|site=Example Source Site|desc=This is an example source external link|title=Example hover box}}
Using icons not listed
You can use icons not listed, if they are uploaded to Wowpedia.
Before using an icon it should meet the following criteria:
  • The image should be a PNG with the extension .png (lowercase).
  • The image should be 22 pixels high by 22 pixels wide.
  • The name of the image file should be in the form: Icon-name-22x22.png
Before adding the icon to the list on Template:Elink/doc, please ask for feedback on TemplateШаблон:ВнешСсылка