A single-item implementation of {{cost}}, linking icon to item page. Note that this is designed only for actual items. For gold/honor points/achievement points/arena points, use cost.


{{costitem|<Numeric count>|<Item page name>|<Display name/desired link>}}

The third parameter is optional and should only be supplied if it differs from the second.


Hardcoded item name/icon resolution
{{costitem|1|Alterac Valley Mark of Honor}}: 1
{{costitem|1|Alterac VALLEY mark OF Honor}}: 1
Look-up through item page
{{costitem|1|Silken Thread}}: 1
{{costitem|1|SILKEN Thread}}: 1 [[File:SILKEN Thread,png|SILKEN Thread|16px|link=SILKEN Thread]]
Look-up through disambiguated item page + apply caption
{{costitem|1|Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (mage)|Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian}}: 1 [[File:Atiesh  Greatstaff of the Guardian (mage),png|Atiesh  Greatstaff of the Guardian|16px|link=Atiesh  Greatstaff of the Guardian]]
{{costitem}}: 1
{{costitem|q}}: q
{{costitem|q|}}: q
{{costitem|q|Bad Item}}: q [[File:Bad Item,png|Bad Item|16px|link=Bad Item]]

Conclusion: if not using an item that has been hard-coded into the template, use proper capitalization and make sure the item page implements {{tooltip}} correctly.


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