Humane syntax for specifying any class icon. Pass the class and, optionally, desired size to produce an icon.

See also {{class}} which produces the class icon and a link to the class, e.g: " ClassIcon druid.png  Druida"


  • ClassIcon death knight.png Caballero de la muerte
  • ClassIcon demonhunter.png Cazador de demonios
  • ClassIcon druid.png Druida
  • ClassIcon hunter.png Cazador
  • ClassIcon mage.png Mago
  • ClassIcon paladin.png Paladín
  • ClassIcon priest.png Sacerdote
  • ClassIcon rogue.png Pícaro
  • ClassIcon monk.png Monje
  • ClassIcon shaman.png Chamán
  • ClassIcon warlock.png Brujo
  • ClassIcon warrior.png Guerrero

Concise syntax: {{ClassIcon|<Class>}}

Syntax: {{ClassIcon|<Class>|<Size>}}

Class (required) 
Case-insensitive class name to show the icon of.
Size (optional, small assumed)
Size of the icon to display, pass Large for a larger icon.

Test Vectors

  • {{ClassIcon|<hunter>}}: ClassIcon hunter.png (case insensitivity)
  • {{ClassIcon|<Warlock>|<large>}}: ClassIcon warlock.png (size adjustment)
    • Default and small - 18px wide
    • large - 26px wide (goes to large really using any text but "small")
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